Contextual Help

Meaning – Contextual help refers to the help given to internet or computer users, in the area where they need assistance. Today, most software packages and even computers and websites, feature a help section, where the various topics are arranged according to the topic they touch upon, and the users can browse through them, or search for a specific term, and the help topics will get filtered accordingly.

Contextual help saves time, as the users are immediately taken to the topic where they need the assistance, and saves them the effort of manually browsing for the same.

By chance, if there is a query that the contextual help section doesn’t have the solution to, the brand in question starts a forum discussion where they address the solutions, or updates the help section once the solution has been ascertained.

Example of usage“The designer had to use the help section on the software package to understand how certain features worked and how to use them.”