iPhone 7 Plus Review

The iPhone lineup has finally graced us and I  must say, despite the “courageous” omission of the headphone jack, I am quite impressed with what the Cupertino giants had to offer this time around. Sure, the iPh... Read More...

Huawei Honor 8 Review

When Huawei initially entered the smartphone competition, they were given a warm reception ,and while their success was not consistent, thanks to a few underwhelming releases in the mid phases, the brand seems to be finding its groove again, and what better wa... Read More...

Apple Introduces iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

The new iPhone features new advanced camera systems that take pictures like never before, more power and performance with the best battery life ever in an iPhone, immersive stereo speakers, wide color system fr... Read More...

Epson EH-TW5350 Projector Review

Epson is a brand that has always been synonymous with making and selling devices like printers and scanners, but as it turns out, the company makes projectors as well. Now, I have not been much of an Epson vete... Read More...

HTC 10 Review

With 2016 now almost halfway done, smartphone makers all over the world are reaping the rewards of their flagship launches early on in the year. One company however, has decided to come late to the party, and that is HTC. HTC didn't get much of a pop at the MW... Read More...
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Epson Moverio BT200 Review

The end of 2015 saw a lot of virtual reality devices come to the fore, and though there's still a long way to go before they actually get a place of honour amongst the consumers, they are still pieces of tech w... Read More...

BenQ XR3501 Review

Computer displays have gone through a lot of transformations since their inception, so much so, that if you were to assemble a performance machine at home, you would have to make a separate budget to accommodate a higher quality display. Take professional game... Read More...
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honor, the number 1 smartphone e-brand has officially launched its critically acclaimed* 5X ‘street smart’ device in the Middle East, available from 8th February on www.HonorArabia.com. With a superior combinat... Read More...