Meaning – Config.sys is a configuration file predominantly found on DOS systems. It is basically a text file, that contains a list of all the commands that are used to load the various drives and processes on a DOS based system.

The config.sys file is read, every time a DOS based system is booted up, and each of the instructions found in this file are then executed. The speciality of this config.sys file, is that users can make changes to the various values in this file, by changing it and saving it with the same name. Since it’s a text file, users can use any editing software or application to make the changes they need.

This file is located in the root directory of the drive; this is the same location from where system is booted.

The config.sys file has been replaced as a config.nt file in Windows based systems.

Example of usage“As an experiment, the enthusiast decided to change the values inside the config.sys file, on his system.”