Operator information area

Meaning – The term operator information area, refers to the area near the bottom of the display area where terminal or system status information is displayed.

Session indicators show information about the workstation, host system, and attachment. Host On-Demand offers two versions of the OIA: a graphical OIA and a textual OIA.

The textual OIA is a new accessibility feature that responds to Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act, which outlines technology-based requirements for users who have physical disabilities, such as restricted mobility or limited vision. The textual OIA is designed to work with screen readers, so users with limited vision can use the OIA to find out their current cursor position on the green screen and diagnose possible problems with the session.

Example of usage“You can create OIA property verification points to test the OIA in your application. When you record the verification point, a baseline of the OIA is created. Every time you playback the script, the OIA is compared to check if any changes have occurred.”