Meaning – The term intranet, refers to the private network that integrates Internet standards and applications (such as Web browsers) with an organizationi?s existing computer networking infrastructure.

Intranets increase communication within an organization by allowing employees to easily access important information, links, applications, and forms as well as databases that can provide company records. Security can also be increased within the intranet by establishing a database that maintains all of the usernames of people who are allowed access to the network.

An intranet may also consist of many interlinked local area networks (LANs) as well as leased lines in the wide-area network (WAN). It uses TCP/IP, HTTP, and other Internet protocols (IP).

Example of usage“A secure and reliable intranet requires a web server that is responsible for managing all requests for files hosted on the server, finding the requested file, and delivering it to the appropriate computer. A content management system (CMS) should also be set up to control the creation, publication, and management of content on the intranet.”