Database 2

MeaningDatabase 2, or Db2, refers to the family of database management products that is developed by IBM. It provides an open platform that runs on a host of operating systems, and can be grown from a single user application, two a multi user system.

Users can use SQL, to easily obtain the data from the Database 2 or other related databases. IBM has also bundled in some very useful application development and management tools. these make data management seamless, precise and hassle free.

The brand name for Database 2, was initially styled as DB/2, which then became DB2 until 2017, after which, it was changed to reflect its current form.

Example of usage“The organisation extensively used the IBM Database 2 package to manage and access all the data within the company. A dedicated database administrator was trained in the ways to use this package, so that there was no confusion over the usage.”