Meaning – DB2, which expands to mean Database 2, refers to the family of database management tools developed and released by IBM. Database 2, or DB2 offers the users, a seamless package to manage the data at an individual or enterprise level.

Some of the benefits of the DB2 package, include –

  1. Reduce storage requirements by 47% and increase compression rates by 39%. Align with the latest NIST and FIPS standards.
  2. Integrate with up to 10 modern programming languages. The REST service enables interaction with Db2 data from your web, mobile or cloud application.
  3. Use data virtualisation to reduce data extraction and transformation requests between 25% and 65%. Multimodal data management can save an additional USD 200,000.
  4. Reduce operational overhead costs by up to 26%. Reduce infrastructure and application development platform costs by an average of 38% using cloud-native databases and platform integration.

Example of usage“The Database administrator requested to upgrade the database management package, to the new Database management 2 package, as it was better, faster and more secure.”