Compact Disc (CD)

Meaning – A compact disc is a plastic disc that was, and still is in some cases, used to store data such as music, or other digital information, which can later be read by a dedicated CD drive found in desktops or laptops. A compact disc measures 4.75 inches in diameter, from which data is read optically by means of a laser.

The desired data is stored in a compact disc in the form of a pattern of metal-coated pits along a spiral track, and the laser light is reflected off the disc in order to read and display the saved data. Compact discs were used extensively until they were eventually replaced by USB drives. The biggest drawback of compact discs is that they have the tendency get scratched physically or even break, in which case, the data that was stored on the disc is lost forever.

Example of usage“She had saved all her favourite songs on a compact discs, but she decided to start moving them onto her USB drive.”