Communication port

Meaning – The communication port, or the COM port, refers to the commonly used serial port interface on computers. This terms holds good for both, the physical, as well as emulated ports.

On a personal computer device, this communication port refers to the serial port to which the stand-alone modem can be attached.

In order to work, the communication port is interfaced by an integrated circuit such as 16550 UART. This IC (integrated circuit) has seven internal 8-bit registers which hold information and configuration data about which data is to be sent or was received, the baud rate, interrupt configuration and much more.

The term communication port also refers to an access point for data entry or exit to or from a communication device such as a terminal.

Example of usage“When he bought a new windows pc, he noticed that the COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4 ports were the communication ports the he could use to attach his modem.”