Meaning – The word circuit refers to the combination of multiple conductors, through which current can flow. It is essentially, a closed path around which current flows, and it usually starts and finishes at the same point.

A circuit features a primary source, to which we can connect a host of components, and when we do so in a particular format, we can create circuits for specific applications as well.

In computing, a circuit refers to a circuit board or an integrated circuit. The internals of the computer is composed of these components, which may in turn, be composed of several smaller circuits.

The large number of circuits inside computers allow them to route data to different locations and perform complex calculations.

Example of usage“The simplest example if a circuit is a flashlight. When the flashlight is off, the circuit is in open position, there is no current flow and the flashlight is off. However, when you turn the switch on, the circuit is closed, and the flashlight starts working.”