Meaning – The term path, refers to a list of one or more directory names and an object name (such as the name of a file) that are separated by an operating system-specific character, such as the slash (/) in UNIX operating systems, the backslash (\) in Windows operating systems, and the semicolon (;) in OS/2 operating systems. The directory names detail the path to follow, in left-to-right order, to locate the object within the file system. This concept of the path is also known as the pathname.

In VTAM, when defining a switched major node, the term path refers to a potential dial-out port that can be used to reach that node.

Absolute paths are defined from the root directory of the file system. This means no matter what folder is currently open, the absolute path to any given file is the same.

Example of usage“A path can either be relative or absolute. A relative path defines a location that is relative to the current directory or folder.”