Convert and watch YouTube videos in 3D.

Convert and watch YouTube videos in 3D.

Have you experienced 3d on high end 3d LED television in shopping malls and electronics stores but cannot experience the same at home obviously cost being a major factor for 3d television and 3d glasses. The most important factor being 3d is not yet standardized and you have multiple viewing options from different companies.

Convert and watch YouTube videos in 3D.


YouTube has enabled 3d viewing but not has publicized much of this feature in fact there is a Fashion tv 3d channel running in beta. YouTube supports many 3d format including the old and famous anaglphy technique which makes use of colored glasses i.e. red and cyan to create a stereoscopic effect. HTML5 stereo view allows you to view 3D video on YouTube which currently supports NVIDIA 3D Vision and the drawback is doesn’t support most of the systems. There is method  for 3d on YouTube even without 3D glasses but you will have to go through serious squinting of eyes to watch it (crossed eye,parallel,mirror split techniques not worth a try).

The simplest technique is using coloured glasses red and cyan, you can either purchase it or you can create it yourself refer the video below.


Convert existing Youtube videos to 3d:

  • Login to your YouTube account and chose the video you want to make it 3d enabled (remember only the videos you have uploaded can be changed to 3d)Click on edit and and in the tags field type in “yt3d:enable=true” and save it.
  • Convert and watch YouTube videos in 3D.
  • Now open the same video via url and stream it you will have the 3d option enabled.
  • click on the 3d icon and choose red/cyan(coloured glasses) option if it doesn’t exist click on other options and choose red/cyan from the next page. Now wear your 3d glasses and enjoy the 3d on your computer.





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