Super Rumble

Meta’s ‘Super Rumble’ Sets the Stage for Next-Gen VR Titles in the Horizon Worlds Series

Meta has recently unveiled its latest game, Super Rumble, for the social VR application, Horizon Worlds. Developed by Meta’s in-house studio, Ouro Interactive, Super Rumble brings a fresh and groundbreaking experience to the VR platform, signaling a potential new era of more immersive graphics and complex gameplay.

Previously known as Titanborne during its beta phase, Super Rumble is the first game to emerge from Meta’s Ouro Interactive, garnering attention as a significant step forward for the Horizon Worlds platform. Vishal Shah, Meta’s VP of Metaverse, emphasized the game’s significance, dubbing it “more than just a new world” and envisioning it as “the next generation of Horizon Worlds.”

Early impressions of Super Rumble have been highly positive, with testers awestruck by the game’s unprecedented level of fidelity. This achievement was made possible by the integration of imported objects, assets, and textures—a feature previously unavailable on the platform. To accommodate higher-quality games and facilitate developer creativity, Meta rebuilt the underlying technology of the VR platform, empowering developers to import assets created using third-party tools.