Meaning – If you are using, or have used, the DOS operating system, then you will be familiar to this term. The AUTOEXEC.BAT file is a batch file that is found in the root directory of the boot drive and is comprised of a set of commands that are exected, whenever a new window is created on DOS.

A simpler explanantion of the autoexec.bat is that it is a batch file that contains the commands that are to be executed by the operating system when the computer first boots. This batch file was found predominantly in the older generation of computers that included the ones that ran on the MS-DOS platform and s a few windows PCs (Upto Windows 95).

Computers running Windows XP upwards do not have the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and instead, use something known as the registry.

Example of usage“If AUTOEXEC.BAT contained the line “c:\windows\win”, Windows 3.x would be executed when the computer first boots.”