Authorized program analysis report (APAR)

Meaning – Usually, when a program is prepared, the initial release does have some known or suspected errors or glitches. Developers are always finding such problems and troubleshooting them before relesagin a fix. However, if you are running the program in the unaltered version, then problems that are caused by these known defects, are files in the authorised program analysis report.

When these errors are filed in the report, it allows developers to focus on such errors first, and make the effort to fix them at the earliest. It also saves a lot of time, as the developers are not required to search for bugs, as they are now properly documents and presented.

These defects may show up at any stage of execution, and thus, it is important to run the program in its entirety while parallel making a note of these defects and when they pop up.

Example of usage“The developer was able to fix the bugs in his programs, thanks to a meticulously compiled authorised program analysis report.”