Meaning – The term ‘fix’ refers to a solution that has been formulated for a software or hardware problem. In the context of computing, the term fix is implied mostly in software. Every software that is released into the market contains some bugs or glitches, that can render it unusable at times. The developers are continuously studying the error logs of the software to pinpoint any possible bugs and then make changes in the code of the software in order to fix the bugs or glitches. The refreshed code is then seeded to the users in the form of a software update.

In the case of hardware components, the term fix is used to imply the process of physically repairing any faults or damage that the component has incurred due to an accident or normal wear and tear.

Example of usage“The software that was developed by his company had received multiple error logs and he ensured that the developer team studied the problems being reported and develop a fix for the same.”