Meaning – The term release, refers to a distribution of a new product or new function and APAR fixes for an existing product. Normally, programming support for the prior release is discontinued after some specified period of time following the availability of a new release. The first version of a product is announced as Release 1, Modification Level 0. 2. v. In VTAM, to relinquish control of resources.

When referring to a software or hardware product, the term release, sometimes abbreviated in writing as rel, refers to a specific named or numbered version of published software. The first published version of a product may be referred to as the initial release. Future releases of related products may be referred to as the second or third release or may have another release number.

Example of usage“In a video game, release may refer to the action release spirit. In the MMORPG World of Warcraft, the player must not release their spirit from their deceased body, or resurrection by another player is impossible.”