After getting so many requests from our readers we are now allowing user to post dofollow comments on blog.Each and every comments on this blog has now dofollow links.So if you posted comments previously on this blog or you are going to post new comments will have PR2 dofollow links to your blog.
Also there is the facebook comments enabled below the post for the casual readers.
Happy commenting !

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loves technology so decided to have a tech blog a geek playing around with gadgets and anything i find geeky. I.T guy by day tech blogger by night. Bragging rights i can find just anything on Google ! try me...

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  1. Thomas

    That sounds like a great idea. I just hope that your visitors will leave some serious comments and not just be fishing for do-follow backlinks. I have the Comment Luv plugin installed on my own blog to and just recently I got the premium version too.


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