Corning Gorilla Armor

Go Behind the Scenes: See Galaxy’s Most Optically Advanced, Scratch-Resistant Display Come to Life with Corning Gorilla Armor

For more than 50 years, Samsung Electronics and Corning Incorporated have demonstrated Samsung’s commitment to Openness by collaborating on innovative display materials that offer remarkable durability and clarity to Galaxy users. On the recently launched Galaxy S24 Ultra, that collaboration reached new heights with Corning Gorilla Armor.

See Galaxy’s Most Optically Advanced, Scratch-Resistant Display

Launched exclusively on Galaxy S24 Ultra, this is the most scratch-resistant, optically advanced Gorilla Glass ever made. For the first time, we’re taking you behind the scenes to see firsthand the technical precision and advanced engineering that goes into producing this incredible material.

Say hello to Corning Gorilla Armor

Corning Gorilla Armor relies on an extremely precise layering process to achieve its superior anti-reflective properties. The layers are applied at nano-meter level precision – thinner than a human hair – onto the glass surface. The result is a one-of-a-kind display material that dramatically reduces glare by up to 75 percent, enhancing display readability and minimizing screen reflections in almost any environment.

That means bright sun and harsh overhead lights are no match for Galaxy S24 Ultra. This layering process also incorporates a durable layer for greater protection against micro-scratches that can occur during everyday use and build up over time. In Corning lab tests, Gorilla Armor was more than four times more scratch resistant than competitive aluminosilicate cover glasses.

To make it all possible, vacuum deposition systems in an ultra-clean environment, the same technology used in semiconductor manufacturing, are adopted. Check out the video below to get an exclusive look into this world of innovation as the new Corning Gorilla Armor for Galaxy S24 Ultra comes to life.