Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Receives Major Update: Elevating the Best Camera Phone

Samsung’s first major software update for the Galaxy S24 series will bring camera upgrades, especially for the Galaxy S24 Ultra model.

According to a Samsung community moderator post translated from Korean, the update will:

  • Improve image quality in high pixel backlit shots
  • Enhance text clarity with high magnification zoom (S24 Ultra)
  • Boost video clarity and quality (S24 Ultra)
  • Brighten dark indoor preview areas and sharpen people (S24 Ultra)
  • Refine colors in food mode
  • Adjust night mode colors and balance
  • Refine quality when zooming DNG shots in Expert RAW app
  • Improve capture of fast moving backlit subjects (S24 Ultra)
  • Enhance exposure and colors of subjects like people and flowers (S24 Ultra)

The moderator confirms the update will improve zoom, Portrait mode, night photography and video on all S24 models. But the above indicates meaningful enhancements specifically for the S24 Ultra.

We’re glad to see the update addresses fast subject capture, an area even top phones can struggle with. This moderator previously confirmed upcoming Instant Slow-Mo for older Samsung devices too.

The update has already started rolling out in South Korea. Samsung says it will reach other markets starting February 22nd. So the S24 Ultra, already acclaimed as the best camera phone, is set to get noticeably better soon.