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New EU Law Opens Door for Epic Games Store Arrival on iOS in Europe

The Epic Games Store will be coming to iOS devices in Europe. This is made possible by provisions in the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act.

Epic announced the news on Twitter, stating they are “bringing more opportunities to developers across all platforms”. This includes “bringing the Epic Games Store to iOS in Europe.”

As background, Epic removed their hugely popular Fortnite game from the iOS App Store back in 2020. This was in response to Apple’s 30% commission fees on sales.

Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney acknowledged Apple’s “good faith move” in granting Epic Games Sweden an iOS developer account to operate the Store and Fortnite under the Digital Markets Act.

The Fortnite Twitter account previously announced the game’s return to iOS earlier this year. But the Epic Games Store itself coming to iOS is a bigger development. Passed in 2022, the Digital Markets Act aims to regulate large “gatekeeper” tech companies like Apple. It forces them to open their platforms more to other developers.

Notably, the Epic Games Store is not yet coming to iOS in the UK. But the UK’s own Digital Markets Bill currently being debated could introduce similar provisions down the line.