TikTok Introduces New Measures for Safer Content Creation and Sharing

TikTok is committed to maintaining a safe and vibrant space where creativity flourishes. To ensure that all communities benefit from a safer and more transparent environment, TikTok is excited to announce significant updates to its Community Guidelines alongside the introduction of new features designed to enhance transparency and help creators learn about the platform’s policies and check their account status.

TikTok Introduces New Measures for Safer Content Creation and Sharing

More clarity about TikTok’s rules

TikTok’s Community Guidelines set the standard for what is acceptable on TikTok, ensuring that the platform remains a positive space for all users. The latest update, effective next month, includes refined definitions and more detailed explanations of TikTok’s policies, such as those concerning hate speech and health misinformation. Additionally, the platform has expanded guidelines on how features like Search, LIVE, and the For You feed are moderated.




To further improve the For You eligibility standards, and ensure it remains appropriate for a broad audience, TikTok is also revising their eligibility standards. Accounts that repeatedly posts content that goes against our For You feed standards may temporarily become ineligible for recommendation, making their content less discoverable in searches. Creators whom their account has been restricted in this way will receive notifications about this restriction and will be able to appeal.

Empowering Creators with Knowledge and Tools

Understanding the rules is crucial for the platform’s creators. To answer this, TikTok is also introducing a warning strike when a creator violates the Community Guidelines for the first time, which will not count toward their account’s strike tally, but any future violations will. Creators will be notified about which rule they’ve broken and how they can appeal if they believe a mistake has been made. Zero-tolerance policies (for example, incitement to violence) aren’t eligible for these reminders; accounts will immediately be banned.

Improving account status information for creators

Further supporting its creators, the platform is also launching a new ‘Account Check’ tool that allows creators to review their last 30 posts and overall account status at a glance. This feature helps creators assess whether they are in good standing and informs them of any restricted access to features such as comments or direct messaging due to violations as well as whether their content has been removed for breaking the rules or has been restricted from reaching the For You feed.

It builds on the existing “Account status” page introduced last year, all allowing creators to better understand how their content and behavior may have affected their standing on the platform, and how they can appeal decisions if they believe it’s wrong.

Setting standards for creators involved in TikTok programs

In addition to their updated Community Guidelines, the platform is also introducing the TikTok Creator Code of Conduct, which will take effect in the coming weeks. These standards set expectations for creators involved in TikTok programs, features, events and campaigns to follow on and off-platform, in addition to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. TikTok believes that being a part of these programs is an opportunity that comes with additional responsibilities, and this code will also help provide creators with additional reassurance that other participants are meeting these standards too. 

TikTok continues to lead the way in creating a safer online environment, focusing on enhanced clarity and creator education to ensure that the platform’s community of over a billion users remains a supportive and engaging space for everyone.