GPT-powered AI companion ‘Seezar’ to transform auto retail industry

A new AI-powered virtual assistant is set to help car buyers research, select and purchase cars through dealer websites at any time of the day.

The Seezar virtual assistant is specifically designed for the automotive retail sector and will help dealers complete full digital sales outside of working hours. It will also give them the opportunity to pass over to a human salesperson if necessary, for a complete omnichannel experience. 




GPT-powered AI companion to transform auto retail industry

Currently being piloted in the UK by leading automotive omnichannel retailing services provider, ATG, the virtual assistant has been designed by specialist software-as-a-service (SaaS) developer, Seez, to engage customers with a natural conversational interface on a dealer’s website, effectively serving as a 24/7 sales assistant for dealer staff.

A recent survey carried out by Seez found that 73% of visits to dealer websites occur outside of typical opening hours, specifically after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends. Where conventional chatbots have simple responses and basic data capture, Seezar uses a powerful, data-rich AI engine that is integrated with specific resources on the internet and multiple dealership sales ecosystems. This means it can provide unparalleled customer service, deliver sophisticated responses to complex questions, and will be able to complete an entire vehicle sale digitally. 


GPT-powered AI companion 'Seezar' to transform auto retail industry


Seez research also reveals that customers typically visit 12 separate websites and reference sources through their car buying journey – from car review sites to their bank for loan rates, as well as insurance comparison sites. With proprietary built-in technology, Seezar streamlines the car buying journey by removing the need to go to these external information sources. Harnessing real-time access to specific resources on the internet and the dealership ecosystem, Seezar can support customers throughout their car buying journey, presenting reviews from car magazines and social media to help provide personalised vehicle comparisons and recommendations from a dealers’ current stock. 

How Seezar will operate

Seezar’s own AI algorithm has been intelligently programmed specifically for the automotive retail industry. When asked for the best deal, it did not just provide customers with the cheapest option but considered additional factors such as vehicle age, suitability and mileage. Customers don’t need to know exactly what they are looking for and can instead ask for vehicle recommendations based on their needs, such as a family sized vehicle able to cope with harsh winter conditions.

Salespeople and customers alike can use Seezar to search dealer inventory and compare with alternative suggestions to ensure the right fit. Tarek Kabrit, founder and CEO at Seez, said: “Seezar isn’t just about improving chatbots; it’s a game changer because it’s transforming the entire shopping experience into something personalized and efficient. The days of tirelessly navigating between multiple websites for information are almost over. With Seezar, you get information that is customized and personal, making it an efficient experience. It’s the future of shopping, tailored to you, not just for cars, but across lines of business. 

“AI is a power tool for the automotive industry. Seezar will not replace salespeople but it will free up more of their time to do what they do best, building relationships with customers.” 

Seez has been launching powerful digital retail solutions for car dealers, importers and manufacturers’ sales operations since 2015. Having already secured customers for its suite of AI-driven products in Denmark, Italy, and across the Middle East, Seez will follow its focus on the UK with product introductions across other European markets. 

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