Stellar Blade RPG

Stellar Blade RPG Launching on April 26

Sony announced at its first 2024 State of Play event that the stylish action RPG Stellar Blade will launch exclusively for PS5 on April 26th.

Originally titled Project Eve, the futuristic game stars warrior Eve from the seventh airborne squad. She returns to Earth to battle the mysterious and creepy Naytibas enemies and save the last human city, Xion, from ruin.

Eve joins fellow survivors Adam and Lily to try and exterminate the Naytibas before Xion falls. The city connects to a semi-open world called the Wasteland and Great Desert. There you’ll meet characters, help Xion citizens, and gather energy cells to power the city.

You can pre-order Stellar Blade starting February 7th at 10am ET on the PlayStation Store and retailers. The standard edition is $70, while a $80 Digital Deluxe version adds extra costumes, XP, and in-game currency. It launches on April 26th.



Stellar Blade stood out from Sony’s State of Play lineup with its slick sci-fi visuals and intense combat against bizarre alien threats. The luminous neon-bathed city of Xion contrasts starkly with the desert wastelands.

As Eve, players will unleash devastating melee combos and special abilities to take down hordes of scary enemies. It promises a deep combat system and customization to match its stylish looks.

Sony is marketing Stellar Blade as a showpiece for the PS5’s capabilities. Its ray traced lighting and detailed cityscapes aim to showcase the hardware. Some may still know it by its early Project Eve name and trailers.

Either way, the action RPG’s April release frame finally gives fans a date to anticipate. Stellar Blade brings impressive graphics, fluid combat, and a unique sci-fi world dripping with atmosphere. For PS5 owners seeking a futuristic action fix, Eve’s earth-saving quest should deliver.