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Silent Hill – ‘The Short Message’ Now Available, and It’s Free!

Silent Hill is back sooner than expected with the surprise reveal of Silent Hill: The Short Message – a free PlayStation 5 exclusive available now.

The game modernizes the classic horror series. Protagonist Anita uses a smartphone and explores an eerie apartment building after receiving concerning messages from a friend. Rumors of resident suicides prove true as Anita encounters bizarre spaces haunted by a twisted monster.

The Short Message is the first of several upcoming Silent Hill games in development. Producer Motoi Okamoto said it started as an experimental project to give newer developers hands-on experience with the franchise. The team also wanted to explore how social media could factor into psychological horror. Sony and Konami decided to release it free so newcomers can get a taste of Silent Hill’s signature scares.



The Short Message shows how the iconic series can evolve with the times while retaining its creepy DNA. Anita’s smartphone connecting her to the apartment’s dark history provides an interesting modern spin. And the haunting visuals and disturbing monster appear primed to traumatize a new generation.

For long-time fans, this experimental title offers both nostalgia and fresh perspective. The core atmosphere and tension that defined the series remains. But the smartphone-driven social media concept provides a smart update.

Silent Hill’s terrifying return is welcome news for horror fans. The Short Message seems an inventive reintroduction and thankfully it’s free to play now, not locked behind a paywall. This creative approach shows potential for the franchise moving forward.

Sony and Konami also provided another look at the Silent Hill 2 remake in development from Bloober Team. While no release date yet, Silent Hill’s exciting revival is clearly just beginning. The Short Message kicks it off with chilling style true to the series’ roots while hinting at scarier things to come.