On November 10th, 'Vampire Survivors' will be released on Xbox systems

On November 10th, ‘Vampire Survivors’ will be released on Xbox systems

Football Manager 2023’s console edition will be available on November 8th for cloud, console, and PC. The full-fledged PC version of the game will also be available on Game Pass at that time. Football Manager 2022 and Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition, on the other hand, will be removed from Game Pass on that day.

There’s a lot more for Game Pass subscribers to look forward to this month. Ghost Song, a 2D metroidvania game in which you explore a faraway moon, will be available on the cloud, console, and PC on November 3rd. Pentiment by Obsidian, one of the year’s few remaining first-party Xbox exclusives, will be available on all three platforms on November 15th. Somerville, produced by Inside and Limbo executive producer Dino Patti, will be released on the same day.