On November 10th, 'Vampire Survivors' will be released on Xbox systems

On November 10th, ‘Vampire Survivors’ will be released on Xbox systems

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and The Walking Dead: Michonne are now available on PC Game Pass. The Legend of Tianding, a side-scrolling beat-’em-up, has just arrived on console, cloud, and PC.

In other news, Halo Infinite’s winter update will be released on November 8th. This will introduce online campaign co-op and Forge mode to the game, as well as new maps, a new game mode, and (finally) a mechanism to gain XP just by playing multiplayer games. Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition will be released as a free update on November 11th. Among the new features are helicopters, gliders, and a real-life aircraft.