One-Way communication

Meaning – The term one-way communication, refers to data communication so that data is transferred in one preassigned direction.

One-way communication flows from a sender to a receiver, but nothing goes back in return. The sender can use one-way communication to inform, entertain, persuade or command the audience.

One-way communication is linear and limited because it occurs in a straight line from sender to receiver and serves to inform, persuade or command. Two-way communication always includes feedback from the receiver to the sender and lets the sender know the message has been received accurately.

Example of usage“A one-way communication is where there is no facility and/or expectation of a reply or feedback. An advertisement or notice on a board is an example. Its advantages are that is simple, quick, and cheap. However, it allows no clarification or opportunity to correct inaccuracies and this may cause frustration in the receiver. It is often associated with authoritarian leadership and downward channels of communication.”