Nonnative network

Meaning – The term nonnative network, refers to a subnetwork whose network identifier differs from the network identifier that a node uses for its own network-qualified resource names.

It also refers to any network attached to a gateway NCP that does not contain that NCPi?s resources.

In MPTN architecture, with respect to a particular transport user, a transport network whose addressing structure and transport service are different from that assumed in the design of that transport user.

You can use the NETWORK definition statement in the NCP major node to identify each network attached to a gateway NCP.

Example of usage“A native VLAN is allocated only to an 802.1Q trunk port. The 802.1Q trunk port places untagged traffic (traffic that does not come from any VLAN) on the native VLAN. It is a best to configure the native VLAN as an unused VLAN.”