Meaning – The term gateway, refers to the functional unit that interconnects two computer networks with different network architectures. A gateway connects networks or systems of different architectures. A bridge interconnects networks or systems with the same or similar architectures.

The term gateway also refers to the functional unit that connects two networks or subnetworks having different characteristics, such as different protocols or different policies concerning security or transmission priority.

In the IBM Token-Ring Network, a device and its associated software that connect a local area network to another local area network or a host that uses different logical link protocols.

In a Tivoli environment, software running on a managed node that provides all communication services between a group of endpoints and the rest of the Tivoli environment. This gateway includes the multiplexed distribution (MDist) function, enabling it to act as the fanout point for distributions to many endpoints.

Example of usage“A gateway consists of one gateway NCP and at least one gateway VTAM.”