Meaning – The term nonnative, refers to applications that are not specifically designed for the particular platform, and must rely on emulators or third-party assistant software to run.

Nonnative apps are apps that are built in a language that is not supported officially, they use some method in order for the app to be executed on the devices, the selling point for the nonnative framework is the ability to share a single code base for ios and android.

Non native apps are bigger, runs slower than native apps(users usually don’t notice that), non native apps are easier to develop.

Non-native apps usually have another layer in-between. This layer has to be native so that the non-native app can still run in the target OS. In the case of mobile apps, non-native apps are usually web-based and run in a WebView.

Example of usage“In MPTN architecture, the term nonnative pertains to the relationship between a transport user and a transport provider that is based on different transport protocols.”