Meaning – A code is a set of instruction for the computer to follow, in order to complete a desired task. Coding is picking up traction worldwide, with thousands fo coders coming into the market, with different proficiencies. In order to write a code for a computer, the first necessity if knowledge of a programming language. Proficiency in one or more of these programming languages looks a coder to write instructions for the computer in the most optimised form possible.

Computers are comprised of thousands of transistors, which essentially, form the brain of the computer and as such, the computer only understand the on and off commands as directed by these transistors. These off or on commands are translated into 0 or 1 in the binary form.

These binary codes form the machine language, which is the only language that the computer can actually understand. Programming languages make the binary code language of the computers more manageable by translating our commands into binary code.

Example of usage“The programmer learnt a new programming language, that allowed him to create the most optimised source code for the given task.”