Meaning – The term issue, refers to the formal notification from one group to another that the first is dissatisfied with some action by the other and is prepared to take the matter to the next level of management to resolve the problem.

The term issue is also sometimes equated to a problem, and they both refer to any situation that occurs that is unexpected or prevents something from occurring.

When dealing with computer problems, you must first understand the source of the problem and then find a solution to fix the problem.

When dealing with software problems where bugs exist in a program, you need to download a patch that resolves the issue. Other software problems may be solved by changing a setting in the program or computer or closing other programs that are conflicting with the program.

When hardware problems or physical defects occur, the only solution may be to replace the malfunctioning device.

Example of usage“Since his computer has a hardware issue, the service center requested him to bring in the device for a replacement.”