Dedicated Circuit

Meaning – A dedicated circuit, is a circuit, that comes directly from the mainline, and feeds a single electrical appliance. The circuit is not shared with any other devices or appliances. Nothing else is able to draw energy from this circuit.

These appliances are usually, the kitchen appliances, kitchen counter receptacles, GFCI exterior receptacles, heaters, and a whole host of other items.

Many a times it so happens that when two kitchen gadgets are turned on at the same time, the circuit breaker trips, cutting off the power supply. If you have experienced this, it means that the kitchen appliances do not have a dedicated circuit, when they actually should.

These circuits are required to prevent overloads and the inconvenience of tripping breakers.

Example of Usage – “As she was facing a lot of electrical tripping issues, she decided to call an electrician and tell him to check if there was a dedicated circuit for her kitchen appliances or not.”