Back Level

Meaning -The term back level refers to an older release of an product or a service, that does not support features in a more current release of the same product. Whenever a company upgrades a software or a product that they have released, they tend to introduce new features of functionalities into the new version, and if you have not upgraded your copy, or if you have a system that is not compatible with the new version, then for obvious reasons the features on the new versions will not show up on the older release that you are using.

This makes your copy a back level one as the features in th new release will not be supported on the version you have. Even when it comes to computer operating systems, any new upgrade cycle will ignore certain older devices because of limitations in the hardware. This makes the older systems back level, and there is absolutely no way to introduce the new features into such back level devices.

Example of usage“The designer had to buy a new system as his existing device had become a back level one and the new features were no longer supported.”