Xbox Unveils Stylish Bowling Ball-Inspired Controllers for Gaming Enthusiasts

Xbox Unveils Stylish Bowling Ball-Inspired Controllers for Gaming Enthusiasts

The Xbox Design Lab lets you customize controller colors, but the new Vapor series takes it even further for that perfect bowling ball look.

Microsoft is offering more customization options with six new Vapor top case variants featuring mesmerizing color swirls. There’s dark Nocturnal Vapor, bold Cyber Vapor mixing pink and purple, and fiery red-orange Fire Vapor among others.

You can still customize buttons, triggers, grips and add personalized engraving. So go wild creating your ideal swirly controller. Or just grab the new Dream Vapor special edition model if you don’t feel like tinkering.

The Dream Vapor pairs the purple Cyber Vapor top with matching rubberized grips and soft pink buttons with purple accents. The $70 controller also includes an exclusive dynamic Xbox background.




This isn’t totally new ground for Xbox. The Stormcloud Vapor controller has been around for a while already. But leaning further into trippy color schemes makes me think someone on the Xbox team is a big fan of professional bowler Pete Weber.

Jokes aside, it’s cool to see Microsoft offering more creative customization for players to express their personal style. The detailed Design Lab is already a great platform. Now the Vapor series takes it to another level with stunning color combinations.

Gamers love customizing and personalizing their gear. So the Vapor expansion caters well to Xbox fans keen on standing out. The special Dream Vapor model also provides a neat pre-designed option for those seeking this artsy bowling ball vibe.

While not everyone will want such a flashy controller, that’s the beauty of choice in the Design Lab. Players can create understated or vibrant peripherals to match their tastes. The Vapor series simply provides more tools for gamers to color outside the lines if they wish. It will be interesting to see what color-crazy designs players cook up through the endless Mix and Match possibilities.