The Dying Light 2 video summarises the year's major changes and what's to come

The Dying Light 2 video summarises the year’s major changes and what’s to come

Dying Light 2 will soon get several new enemy kinds, as well as more weapon varieties. More information, according to Smektala, will be released on February 4th, the first anniversary of Dying Light 2. If the first Dying Light is any indicator, gamers may look forward to some significant DLC in the future. Dying Light received The Following expansion a little over a year after its initial release, introducing a new area with a new plot, new weaponry, and a customisable buggy vehicle.

With the original Dying Light getting DLC and further updates four years after its initial release, Techland has a history of maintaining its games for a long time after its initial release. Techland’s dedication to its games bodes well for Dying Light 2, since gamers may anticipate additional updates and DLC for years to come.