Lapis, a character from Fire Emblem Engage, has been revealed

Lapis, a character from Fire Emblem Engage, has been revealed

Lapis, the newest character in Fire Emblem Engage, has been presented. The Fire Emblem series is well-known for having rosters full of fascinating characters for players to connect with and combat with. Several characters for Fire Emblem Engage have already been announced, with several old Fire Emblem heroes returning as part of the new game’s Emblem mechanism. Lapis is the newest one-of-a-kind personality that Fire Emblem Engage players will come to know as they play.

The Fire Emblem tale Engage is set on the continent of Elyos, with central Lythos attempting to join the four outside kingdoms of Firene, Solm, Brodia, and Elusia. Brodia is a wonderful ally, but she is also dangerous. It is a military-powerful monarchy that often clashes with its neighbours. Brodia is ruled by King Morion, who has two sons as successors. Diamant, the oldest brother and next in line for the throne, and Alcryst, the younger brother suffers in the shadow of his elder brother.

The New Fire Emblem Lapis, a character in Engage, is a knight of the realm of Brodia. She holds a sword and, unsurprisingly, begins the game as a Sword Fighter. Despite her timid look and kind manner, she is a formidable opponent. She is a vassal of Prince Alcryst, however, it is unclear in what capacity.

Surprisingly, Lapis isn’t Prince Alcryst’s sole stated servant. Citrinne, another royal knight, has also been appointed as the prince’s vassal. She is claimed to be the two princes’ cousin, and she is reported to distribute her fortune to people close to her. Citrinne, on the other hand, is a magician rather than a warrior using martial weapons like Lapis. Alcryst is certainly well-protected with both Lapis and Citrinne at his side.

Nintendo also published small gameplay footage showing Lapis in action. The footage is in Japanese, so it’s unclear what her ability names are, but she uses her sword strike to hit two troops. The initial battle pits you against a winged unit brandishing an axe. Because swords are stronger than axes in Fire Emblem’s weapon triangle, Lapis may strike a critical blow and destroy her opponent in a single hit. The second assault, again against a winged axe-wielder, does not crit but does significant damage.

Lapis, like every other Fire Emblem character, has much more to him than a simple introduction can explain. Players in Fire Emblem Engage will engage with Lapis in a variety of quests. Her personality, interactions with other characters, and relationship with the player will be revealed as the game progresses. And Lapis is only one of several Fire Emblem Engage characters to get acquainted with.

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