The Dying Light 2 video summarises the year's major changes and what's to come

The Dying Light 2 video summarises the year’s major changes and what’s to come

The franchise director of Dying Light 2 thanks the Dying Light fanbase for their support of the series in a video that has been posted. The film recalls Dying Light 2’s first year, which featured a slew of essential improvements, fun seasonal events, and even new narrative material.

Since its release in 2015, Techland’s Dying Light series has been popular among parkour and zombie-slaying players. The game’s distinctive combination of seamless parkour navigation, open-world survival aspects, and brutal melee fighting was well-received, and the subsequent sequel spiced things up a little. Dying Light 2 was published earlier this month, and despite competing with Elden Ring’s highly anticipated release that same month, the game received a positive, albeit divided, reaction. Dying Light 2 has received consistent attention from Techland in the months afterwards, with various upgrades, events, and expansions.