Leading German sound technology developer and manufacturer, Sennheiser has launched their first retail concept in the UAE in the form of a ‘shop-in-shop’ with partner Jumbo Electronics.

“Mig Cardamone, who heads up operations for the brand in the Middle East said that this first shop-in-shop concept is the start of a larger plan for growth and expansion in an area of the world where consumers are extremely tech savvy and as passionate about sound technology as the Sennheiser brand is.Our mission is to make Sennheiser products easily available throughout the region, and where better to start than in Mall of the Emirates – a landmark shop-ping mall in the UAE – with our partner, Jumbo Electronics, the UAE’s leading distributor and retailer for consumer electronics”.

The full range of Sennheiser sound technologies will be available through the shop-in-shop concept at Jumbo Electronic.

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Paul Whiting, President of Strategic Collaborations for Sennheiser, added:

“This is the start of a comprehensive move to consolidate the presence of our product range and represents a huge vote of confidence in our partner, Jumbo Electronics, as well as our commitment to the region. Sennheiser as a family-owned company has a long-term strategic focus, and that is the creation of ground-breaking audio products and exceptional sound experiences for the user. Our vision is to actively shape the future of audio, and this builds on a company history that this year celebrates its seventieth anniversary.This new launch is a particularly important initiative for the business and the company anticipates the shop-in-shop concept developing into a key strategic push in their global operations.I think it’s most appropriate that the timing coincides with the seventieth year since the inception of our brand”.


Heston Saldanha, Channel Manager of Consumer/Retail at Sennheiser in the Middle East said:

“The shop in shop is the next step forwrad in Sennheiser‘s growth in the region where we see ourselves interacting more closely with our consumers. This concept helps us provide a mo-re personal shopping experience for customers. We will be looking at developing more such concepts across the region.”

The privately owned Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA.