Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima Hints at a Thrilling Action-Espionage Game for PlayStation!

The legendary Hideo Kojima has embarked on an all-new action espionage video game for PlayStation, returning to the genre that brought him fame through the Metal Gear Solid series.

During today’s State of Play stream, PlayStation Studios Head Hermen Hulst revealed Kojima Productions has started preliminary work on the project. For years, Hulst says he’s been urging Kojima to reinvent the action-stealth genre he helped pioneer. While not a new Metal Gear Solid title, this marks Kojima’s comeback to his creative roots. Kojima confirmed the game will introduce completely original intellectual property and characters.

In classic Kojima fashion, his team promises cutting-edge technology paired with a star-studded cast to deliver a cinematic interactive experience blurring the lines between games and film with near photorealistic graphics. They hint at a possible transmedia project across gaming, film, and music given PlayStation’s vast entertainment divisions.

However, full production won’t commence until after the hotly anticipated Death Stranding 2: On the Beach drops next year. Kojima boldly stated this new spy thriller game could represent the culmination of his legendary 40+ year gaming career.

It will likely be a few more years before specifics on the project emerge. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the surreal return of Sam Porter Bridges in 2023’s Death Stranding 2 to tide them over. And based on today’s characteristically bizarre new trailer, they’re in for quite a ride.