Pixel map

Meaning – The term pixel map, refers to a three-dimensional array of bits. A pixel map can be thought of as a two-dimensional array of pixels, with each pixel being a value from zero to 2 to the power N -1, where N is the depth of the pixel map.

A pixmap stores and displays a graphical image as a rectangular array of pixel color values. (The term “pixmap” is short for “pixel map”.) A pixmap that uses only a single bit to denote the color of each pixel (resulting in a monochrome image) is often referred to as a bitmap. A bitmap is also sometimes used to refer to any pixmap.

Example of usage “While the term “pixmap” is often used in a general way to describe the actual array of pixels or the image that they create, Common Graphics now uses the term to describe a class of objects that are used to manage pixmap images.”