Remidio’s FOP NM enabling retinal screening anywhere, anytime.

Health-tech innovator Remidio achieves unprecedented scale in the US with its revolutionary retinal solutions for 2024

Remidio Inc., a health technology innovator developing cutting-edge technology to combat global blindness from Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, AMD, & Cataracts, is all set to achieve a significant milestone.

Health-tech innovator Remidio achieves unprecedented scale in the US with its revolutionary retinal solutions

This quarter, Remidio Inc. is excited to be placing its 1000th FOP-NM handheld fundus camera in the hands of US healthcare providers. Since 2019, these devices have been supporting diabetic retinopathy screening activities of over 3,500 high volume healthcare providers in the US.

Remidio’s FOP-NM is the world’s first smartphone-based non-mydriatic fundus camera, eliminating the need for patient dilation and is rapidly revolutionizing retinal examinations in the US; both within clinic settings and beyond, with equal impact.

The FOP-NM is an easy to use, easy to train retinal camera that provides excellent image quality empowering medical specialists and non-specialists (nurses, or any healthcare personnel) to conduct retinal exams anywhere: in the clinic, home, in emergency rooms or remote rural healthcare centres.

The portability of the device has also found widespread acceptance from university health systems as well, such as the University of Virginia, and several others.


Remidio’s FOP NM enabling retinal screening anywhere, anytime.


University of Virginia’s Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Dr. Arjun Dirghangi has this to add, “Remidio’s FOP-NM is easier to use, easy to train on. We have gotten good images, even from trainees who have never used the system before, within 30 seconds to 2 minutes per eye. My goal at the end of the day is to improve access to screening. And this is certainly one of the more powerful tools that I have seen to be able to do that.”

While numerous handheld retinal cameras tout ‘excellent image quality’, Remidio’s FOP-NM stands out. In a comparative, clinical validation study published in Nature Eye, Remidio’s FOP-NM offered image quality at par to the “gold standard of imaging”

The clinically validated technology of the FOP-NM, along with its ease-of-use, ushers in workflows for screening retinal conditions where image acquisition is effortless even for a novice user.

Remidio’s Chief Commercial Officer, Erik Hafkey, further adds, “Our goal is to impact the lives of nearly 30M at risk for Diabetic Retinopathy in the US. New partnerships with proven technologies will be required to reach this goal. Remidio is delighted to open our hardware and telehealth platform for collaboration with AI SaMD companies and care providers working to bring care closer to the patient.

As our vision for using retinal imaging, viewing the “windows to our body”, won’t end with just eye diseases.  We seek out many other chronic conditions that may be caught early using retinal imaging. The portability, affordability, and ease of use of Remidio devices naturally fit into already existing clinical workflows, enabling this technology to quickly scale its impact.”

As Remidio continues to break new ground with their technology and collaborations, the team of 170+ at Remidio remains dedicated to a single vision: building a healthier tomorrow in a world where advanced technology and its users come together to ensure eye health for all, making a difference in the lives of millions, one vision at a time.

Remidio is an innovative ISO 13485-certified medical device company that seeks to impact preventable blindness by creating accessible technologies that are smart and simple to use. Remidio’s CE marked, and FDA 510k registered medical devices have helped screen and impact more than 15 million patients in 40+ countries globally.