Multipoint network

Meaning – The term multipoint network, refers to a network in which there are precisely two endpoint nodes, any number of intermediate nodes, and only one path between any two nodes.

In data communication, a configuration in which more than two terminal installations are connected. The network may include switching facilities.

In the case of Multi-point communication, the channel capacity is divided between multiple participant nodes. Also, when it comes to Multi-point communication there could be multiple parties however role of parties could either be sender or receiver and some parties may behave like both.

Example of usage“Point-to-multipoint telecommunications is typically used in wireless Internet and IP telephony via gigahertz radio frequencies. P2MP systems have been designed with and without a return channel from the multiple receivers. A central antenna or antenna array broadcasts to several receiving antennas and the system uses a form of time-division multiplexing to allow for the return channel traffic.”