Meaning – The term kludge, refers to a solution to a problem, the performance of a task, or a system fix that is inefficient, inelegant (“hacky”), or even incomprehensible, but which somehow works. It is similar to a workaround, but quick and ugly. To “kludge around something” is to avoid a bug or difficulty by building a kludge, perhaps exploiting the properties of the bug itself. A kludge is often used to modify a working system while avoiding fundamental changes or to ensure backward compatibility.

Another type of kludge is the evasion of an unknown problem or bug in a computer program. Rather than continue to struggle to diagnose and fix the bug, the programmer may write additional code to compensate.

Example of usage“In computer networking, use of NAT (Network Address Translation) or PAT (Port Address Translation) to cope with the shortage of IPv4 addresses is an example of a kludge.”