Cryptographic session

Meaning – A cryptographic session, or an LU-LU session is one in which a function management data (FMD) request may be enciphered before it is transmitted and deciphered after it is received.

LU-LU session initiation generally begins when the session manager in an LU submits a session-initiation request to the appropriate control point. In a subarea network, it can be either the system services control point controlling the LU’s domain or, in the case of a type 2.1 peripheral node, the LU’s local control point (CP).

LU-LU sessions can be initialised in the following different ways –

  1. They can be initiated by either of the participating logic units.
  2. It can be initiated by the network operator
  3. It can also be initialised automatically by a system definition.

Example of usage“Typically, one of the participating logical units initiates an LU-LU session. The two logical units that communicate with each other over a session are called session partners.”