With BMW's new "Panoramic Vision," EV windscreens will feature a full-width display

With BMW’s new “Panoramic Vision,” EV windscreens will feature a full-width display

Car manufacturers have placed all of their instrumentation below the steering wheel for many years, forcing drivers to momentarily take their eyes off the road in order to check their speed and related gas levels. BMW, on the other hand, hopes to bring that vital information up to eye level with its new ‘Panoramic Vision’ display. The company has announced a heads-up display that spans the entire width of the windscreen, providing drivers and passengers with all the information they require without taking their eyes off the road.

The Panoramic Vision display has several options that the driver can select from, including speed, time, and the song that is currently playing. The display makes use of bright, crisp lights to clearly display information against a dark background.