Jabra Sport Rox Wireless Review

Jabra Sport Rox Wireless Review

Audio Quality
Battery life


Jabra is well known for its wireless mobile headsets and wireless speakers but they only started getting serious in music quality business from 2012. One of the latest in this segment is Jabra Sport Rox Wireless. It has a lot of features giving a good completion to the other products of the same price. Let’s see what this product has got.


Whenever we purchase anything will obviously look for design. Rox wireless follows the design of Plantronics BackBeat GO and Jaybird Bluebuds X which comprises just a couple of earbuds and short Kevlar-reinforced cable. It’s so helpful to utilize: simply hang it around your neck the entire day, cable free, without tangle. You can undoubtedly turn off the headset by cut-out both earbuds together with implicit magnets. The Rox Wireless is guaranteed to be sweat-proof, so you can utilize it for your sweat-soaked workouts. The bundle accompanies ear-wings of 3 sizes. With the right ear-wings and earbuds, the Rox Wireless won’t get down while running.


One thing to bring up is that the mic is really situated on the left earbud, not on the music control bar, so you ought to be wearing the left ear during conversations, or you ought to converse with the left earbud rather than to the music control bar where the mic is generally situated for other  headsets.


Audio quality

On the Rox Wireless, not just did Jabra figure out how to convey the treble recurrence, it additionally adjusted whatever is left of the audio range to make the headset sound truly sweet. There is great control of treble sibilance, with no indication of sounding crazy. The mid-reach is clean, maybe somewhat smothered, so vocal tracks have a tendency to mix with the instrumentation blend; however acoustic piano works incredible with the perfect measure of warmth.

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On the bass, the Rox Wireless tamed it down contrasted with before Jabra music headsets. Rather than simply boisterous pumping sounds, the bass is firmer and it sounds clear, yet the sub-sonic sounds are still clearly hearable.

If in case for any reason you don’t like the sound of the Rox Wireless, you can change the equalizer utilizing the Jabra Sound App (for Android and iOS). Activating the Dolby Plus sound expands the sound organizing and gives an additionally energizing (i.e. packed) sound.



Battery life is evaluated at 5.5 hours. At the point when the battery cautioning sound prompts are listened, you have around 30 minutes of battery utilize left. The standby life is since quite a while ago (evaluated as 18 days). Fundamentally, the Rox Wireless does not expend much battery despite the fact that you leave it on as long as there is no active streaming. Charging is utilizing the standard smaller scale USB cable and any USB power source and takes around 2 hours. The package just accompanies the cable, without charger.


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