how to type in italics on WhatsApp

How to type in Italics on WhatsApp

Whatsapp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app in the market today. Now a part of the Facebook ecosystem, Whatsapp offers multiple functionalities to users including the ability to create and talk in groups, host video calls, send media and enjoy end to end conversations across the platform.

Whatsapp started off as a simple free-to-use ‘Instant Messaging’ app, which soon rose to popularity and eventually ended up replacing the standard messaging app on our phones. Recently, Whatsapp also rolled our business-centric features, including a Whatsapp for business app, making the product a versatile and must-have app on all smartphones. Today, Whatsapp is the most downloaded messenger and is available as a free download on iOS, Android, and even PCs.

Earlier, we spoke about some of the text editing features that Whatsapp has silently added to the platform. Wit the bold feature already covered in a previous article, we are going to talk about it another text feature and that is the italics feature.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to tye in Italics on Whatsapp.

Open the Whatsapp Messenger app on your smartphone.


How to type in Italics on WhatsApp


Open the conversation you want to type into.


how to make your text bold on WhatsApp


Type in your text message in the chatbox using the following syntax(format).

_type in your message_

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Basically, you need to type in the message between two underscores in order to italicize it.


how to type in italics on WhatsApp


Press the Send button to send the stylized message.


How to type in Italics on WhatsApp


The message your contact will see is the stylized version, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not the recipient can see the change in text style. These changes are compatible with Whatsapp Messenger apps across all platforms.

If you do not have Whatsapp on your device, you can download it from the links below.

Whatsapp for Android – Click Here

Whatsapp for iOS – Click Here

Whatsapp for PC – Click Here

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