Google Meet will give you a transcript of your meeting shortly

Google Meet will give you a transcript of your meeting shortly

Google has announced a slew of Workspace changes, one of which may be particularly handy for those entrusted with taking meeting minutes. Users may currently save Google Meet conversations as video files, and an automated transcription of their sessions will be available shortly. A transcript will be sent to you in the form of a Google Doc. Starting this week, this functionality will be accessible in English. French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese support will be added next year. This is in response to the expansion of live translated captions for those languages.

Google will release a Meet feature later this month that will automatically center meeting participants in the frame of their video tile before they join a call. You will be able to manually redefine yourself at any moment.

Looking forward, Google unveiled two more important Meet features that will be available in early 2023. One named “conference room check-in” will allow everyone to view a list of all attendees, which seems to be a long-overdue improvement. It will also display the names of numerous persons who are participating in a conference call from the same physical conference room.

Meanwhile, the second-screen Companion Mode functionality is making its way to mobile from the web, Nest Hub Max, and Meet-specific devices. While on a call on your computer or tablet, you’ll be able to digitally raise your hand, converse, and ask questions from your phone.

In addition, beginning later this month, Google Chat will feature inline threaded chats. It will aim to compete with Slack on another front later this year by selling bespoke emojis.

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